Ming You Xu Fine Art

Professional Artist for 40+ years

About the Artist

ing You Xu (Edward) is a professional artist with over 40 years of experience. He specializes in many mediums (such as pastel, acrylic, watercolor, engraving), especially oil painting. He's main skill lies in doing portraits from real-life or photo. He has also done murals. His paintings are currently being sold at the Westmount Gallery in Toronto.  

Xu is currently working on his "Mongolian" series which he hopes to expand with even more original paintings that captures the exotic traditional culture of Mongolia; free from the modern culture influence. He has begun to include not only oil paintings, but pastels into this series as well. Regardless of medium, Xu continues to amaze with his strokes of pure talent as he captures the hardworking life, essence and soul of the Mongolian people.  


"I often look through my photos I had accumulated over the years after each visit to Mongolia. I go there every few years to visit the villages, live like the people there, and participate in their daily activities. These experiences not only inspire me to paint, but also capture the essence of their culture. When I want to start a new painting, I dig through all my photos and stock images searching for new idea or theme or subject to paint."


"My techniques are simple when starting a new work. Since I normally paint from photos, transparent grid sheets are often used to make the correct scale on my canvas. Once I've established the scale and proportions, I begin the pencil sketch right away. 

  Before I officially start painting with colors, I always apply an under-coat of warm brown hue over my canvas so that I have a base of warm tone. I find it much easier to decide on the color balance of my painting from there onwards."


"It’s no doubt that my style is traditional, but it is also classic in a way. I prefer to paint with fine details than large brushstrokes; and my approach to painting is to maximize the space between the objects and foreground and background such that there seems to be life, open space and air within the painting not two – dimensional or flat. The values, shadows and tones must be perfectly balanced to create the realism effect and bring life into the painting; and to accurately distinguish the layers (background, middle ground, subject, foreground...etc) in a painting."