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Professional Artist for 40+ years


ing You Xu (Edward) is a professional artist with over 40 years of experience. He specializes in many mediums (such as pastel, acrylic, watercolor, engraving), especially oil painting. He's main skill lies in doing portraits from real-life or photo. He has also done murals. His paintings are currently being sold at the Westmount Gallery in Toronto.  

Xu is currently working on his "Mongolian" series which he hopes to expand with even more original paintings that captures the exotic traditional culture of Mongolia; free from the modern culture influence. His has begun to include not only oil paintings, but pastels into this series as well. Regardless of medium, Xu continues to amaze with his strokes of pure talent as he captures the hardworking life, essence and soul of the Mongolian people.  

His current series is based on Mongolian subjects and capturing the many aspects of their culture, lifestyle, and daily activities. 

Recent News

December 2014: 

Xu's painting, "Embroidery Girl" was featured in the prestigious ARABELLA magazine along with additional paintings and article over a ten page spread inside. 

   Arabella (Autumn 2014 Issue)

 To read the excerpt, click on the link below:

Artist to Collect: Edward Xu – Capturing the Essence of Cultural Simplicity (Arabella - Autumn 

Jan.15.2013: Recently added:  

Brewing Tea
Mother and Child

Resting by the Marketplace


Xu's painting "Chatting" won in the Top 10 Finalist of the International Artist Magazine:


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